Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Merlin Promotional Pen Set - Fountain Pen and Rollerball

This is an interesting gift that I received when I purchased a couple of my Merlin Fountain Pens.
A set of promotional pens for Centraal Beheer (the largest insurance company in the Netherlands. Lovely packaging for a promotional set.  As I was looking at them I noticed the logos... First on the cardboard sleeve and then on the pens themselves.

Merlin started using this M in a shield with a crown over it as their logo at some. Some pens have this on the nib, some have it imprinted on the barrel as with this Superior.

Here you can see a similar logo on the cardboard sleeve for the set. M in a Shield with the crown over it. It also includes a Globe in the logo. Maybe indicating a move to International?

The nice little case. Really the packaging is exceptional for a promotional set.

Two pens tucked away nicely inside.

The pens showing the Centraal Beheer branding.

 The black trim is the Fountain and the green a Rollerball.

Capped 131mm
Uncapped 124mm
Posted 144mm
Cap Diameter 9.5mm
Body Diameter 9.5mm

Logo on the clip, while hard to see, matches the logo on the sleeve. M and globe in shield with a crown over it.

Logo on the cap finial looks like the Merlin M in a shield with the crown over it.

Completely disassembled. International Cartridge for the Fountain and a standard International converter also fits.

One last imprint I noticed was Lecce Pen on both sections. This is another pen manufacturer in Europe that makes promotional items. Maybe this was some kind of joint venture. Or Merlin contracted the pens from Lecce with their logos?

Another pen from a different seller that I snagged for a couple bicks. Again this pen was made as a promotional for Centraal Beheer and has what looks to be the same nib.  Onc again there is what I believe to be the Merlin Logo on the section this time. "M" inside a shield , with the globe and a crown on top. There is one more imprint on this one that simply says "Italy" on the black ring that mates to the body.

Capped 140mm
Uncapped 128mm
Posted 164mm
Cap Diameter 12mm
Body Diameter 12mm

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