Monday, April 15, 2013

So it begins.....

A new chapter in the saga that began as MTS Arts in the 90s, became Russianwolf Designs in the 00s, Russianwolf Woodworks in 2008, added Russianwolf Studios in 2009 and finally Michael T Shue Studios in 2012.

Honestly I wasn't sure I was going to continue to do anything art wise at the end of last year when I decide to drop my dedicated websites. I was rather burned out in many ways. But now, Baby Isaiah is in my Daughter's arms and being doted on by my wife. As the weather started to warm back up (and a friend or two reached out asking me if I had ____ or could make them a ___) I started looking at the shop again. Did a little cleaning and straightening and now I'm back in pretty good swing.

For now, my main focus is going to be casting blanks for others. But from time to time I'll have other things to show and sale.

Anyhow, sit back and enjoy the ride as we start anew.


Celtic Irish Bog Oak and Bronze Cufflinks - $40 

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